Meet the Team

Misericordia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has a team of dedicated professionals who joyfully serve the needs of our residents to help them live each day with dignity.  We are pleased to acknowledge the following Executive Team/Department Directors:

Executive Team

Marion Bittner, NHA
[email protected]
717-755-1964 ext 1121

Administrative Coordinator
Mary Sopko
[email protected]
717-755-1964 ext 1126

Department Directors

Cindy Prowell
[email protected]
717-755-1964 ext 1124

Sister Damian
[email protected]

717-755-1964 ext 1127

Business Office
Deana Rock
[email protected]

Dining/Food Services
Tim Pies
[email protected]

717-755-1964 ext 1129

Environmental Services
Rose List and Shena Mathison
[email protected]

717-755-1964 ext 1135

Human Resources
Linda Knapp
[email protected]

717-755-1964 ext 1140

Resident Assessment Services
Sue Sarver
[email protected]

717-755-1964 ext 1133

Nursing Services
Lisa Miller
[email protected]

717-755-1964 ext 1125

Pastoral Care
Sr. Claudia Mauri
[email protected]

717-755-1964 ext 1122

Quality Control/Infection Control
Janet McNally
[email protected]

717-755-1964 ext 1110

Rehabilitation Services
Nikki Hengst
[email protected]
717-755-1964 ext 1160

Social Services
Sandy Buffington
[email protected]

717-755-1964 ext 1130

Governing Board

The Governing Board is comprised of The Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy and oversees Misericordia Nursing & Rehabilitation, its programs and activities, mission and Catholic identity.  We are pleased to acknowledge the following members of our Governing Board:

  • Sister M. Ambrogina Aldeni, D.M, Provincial
  • Sister Mary Damian Assi, D.M.
  • Sister Margaret M. Curcio, D.M.
  • Sister Eileen Marie McGowan, D.M
  • Sister M. Judith Tarozzi, D.M.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves Misericordia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center by providing specialty expertise in the areas of healthcare, management, law, non-profit, and development while advancing the mission through stewardship of our resources.  We are pleased to acknowledge the following members of our Advisory Board:

  • Marci Reihart, Board Chair
  • Steven Barley
  • Veronica Fogelman
  • George “Skip” Lehmann
  • Jeffrey Merritt
  • Kris Pollick
  • Donald Reihart
  • George Shorb
  • William Shorb
  • Timothy Tate
  • Delaine Toerper
  • Father Mark Weiss