Hospice Care

Skilled Nursing & Hospice Care: A Partnership

At Misericordia, our staff provide compassionate care in helping your loved one live each day with dignity.  At the end-of-life stage, hospice care brings additional expertise to specifically enhance quality of life and comfort. This approach complements and layers seamlessly with the care provided at Misericordia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

How does hospice care work at Misericordia Nursing & Rehabilitation Center? In collaboration with the family, residents enroll in hospice, but continue to receive the same services from the nursing home, such as bathing, meals, medicines and staff support. When hospice is involved, the resident also receives the support of the hospice team.

Much like a resident might receive therapy services in the nursing home, hospice is an additional service that specializes in care at end of life. Hospice brings a whole team of workers to join the facility staff who all work together to meet the special needs of the patient. Hospice and Misericordia staff collaborate on a plan that will meet the resident’s and family’s needs. Together, they can provide support to keep the resident comfortable and address symptoms as they arise.

Misericordia contracts with numerous hospice providers to give residents and their families choice.  Our on-site social worker can support your family in providing information on various hospice providers to best meet your unique needs.

“Hospice is a philosophy of care that values life from the moment it begins to the moment it ends.”

Dame Cecily Saunders
Founder of the Hospice Movement

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